Testnet Tokens

The testnet tokens deployed by the AltLayer team start their life cycle on L1 (Ethereum Sepolia). As such, to try it on AltLayer Multi Sequencer testnet L2, users are required to obtain the tokens on Ethereum Sepolia and bridge it across to AltLayer Multi Sequencer testnet L2.

Native Token (Sepolia ETH) on L1

You can request Sepolia ETH from any of the public faucets

MSEQ ERC-20 Token and MSNFT ERC-721 Token

Contract Addresses

Sepolia testnet
Multi-sequecer L2 testnet
MSEQ ERC-20 token
MSNFT ERC-721 token

Early Access Period

Tokens will be distributed to OG Badge and Oh Ottie! NFT holders on Sepolia testnet.

Public Access

You can visit our token faucet to get MSEQ and MSNFT on the Sepolia testnet.

MSEQ Faucet

The MSEQ faucet is at https://testnet-faucet.altlayer.io/.
Login via Twitter and input your wallet address to receive some MSEQ testnet tokens.,
Do note that you can only request MSEQ once every 15mins

MSNFT Minting Site

The MSNFT minting site is at https://testnet-mint.altlayer.io/.
To mint, click on the "Mint MSNFT" button.
Select the number of MSNFTs you wish to mint. Do note that each address can only mint up to 10 NFTs.