User Delegation Guide

We invite delegators to restake ETH or other assets to help secure Cyber MACH AVS. This post presents a guide that will walk you through the process of delegating assets to Cyber MACH.

Restake your token

Step 0: Acquire Beacon Chain ETH, or supported LSTs.

Step 1: Head over to EigenLayer’s web application at and connect your Web3 wallet.

Step 2: In the dashboard, click “Restake Your Tokens”.

Step 3: You will now see the different restaking assets supported by EigenLayer. Select the assets that you have acquired in Step 0.

Step 4: Input the amount of tokens you would like to restake, click “Deposit” and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

At this point, you will have successfully restaked your assets via EigenLayer contracts. The next steps will allow you to delegate these restaked assets to Cyber MACH AVS. Delegation is a way to allocate your assets to a given AVS and a given operator serving that AVS.

Delegating to an Operator running Cyber MACH AVS

Step 1: Navigate to the AVS tab on top of the web application at

Step 2: Search for and select the Cyber MACH AVS card. Once you are on the Cyber MACH AVS information page, scroll down to the section titled “Operators running Cyber Mach AVS”. Select the operator you would like to delegate to:

Step 3: Click Delegate and confirm the transaction in your wallet and you are done!

With these simple steps, you have successfully delegated your assets to Cyber MACH AVS via an operator of your choice.

To close off, please take note of the following delegation caveats:

  • Stakers can only delegate to a single operator at any given time.

  • Delegation is an "all or nothing" operation. You must delegate all of your available Restaked balance to a single operator.

  • Delegation is not possible for Native Restakers while their validators are in the activation (aka entry) queue. Native Restaked tokens must be fully Restaked and proven on-chain before they can be delegated.

  • If you have already delegated your stake to an operator in any quorum, all new stakes will be delegated to the same operator automatically.

  • If the delegated operator is no longer in the active set of an AVS (such as due to Churning in EigenDA for example), the restaker has the option to redelegate their TVL balance to another Operator. Please see the Undelegate from an Operator and Initiate Withdrawal page for specific instructions.

Thank you again for being a delegator to secure Cyber MACH AVS. If you still have any questions, please head over to our Discord.

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