Clients in the Spotlight

We have been the trusted partner for more than 40 high profile clients. Here are some of our notable clients: Cyber: Cyber is Web3's biggest decentralized social network, with its eye on creating mass adoption for tokenized, SocialFi experiences. AltLayer has tied up with Cyber to launch Cyber L2, which is part of Optimism Superchain and the first-ever social L2 with restaking. We have helped launch, manage and operate this custom rollup to offer both scale and extra-security, and open the doors to a more powerful creator economy. Xterio: Xterio is a leading Web3 game platform and publisher with a community of over a million global users. AltLayer has launched 2 OP Stack based L2s for Xterio, one settling on Ethereum and another settling on BNB Chain, helping to realize their vision to onboard billions of Web3 gamers. In addition, we have upgraded the Xterio L2s with our restaked rollup product ‘MACH,’ which offers fast finality with economic security, paving the way towards seamless web3 and AI powered games, and a highly tokenized ecosystem leveraging the $XTER token.

Injective: Injective is a lightning fast interoperable layer one blockchain optimized for Web3 finance applications. AltLayer is working closely with Injective to create the first-ever fast finality framework for inEVM applications. Our MACH service will ensure instant finality for transactions on inEVM, giving users double the speed, scalability, and security - and protecting them from malicious on-chain activities!

Swell: Swell is among the fastest-growing Ethereum liquid restaking protocols, with more than $800M+ in TVL. AltLayer will support Swell’s zkEVM Layer 2, which is powered by Polygon CDK & EigenDA, and focused on liquid restaked assets on EigenLayer. We will also elevate this pioneering Proof of Restake chain by helping bootstrap network security with our novel restaked rollup products in collaboration with EigenLayer.

MyShell: MyShell is a decentralized and comprehensive platform for discovering, creating, and staking AI-native apps. MyShell is building MyShell Layer 2, the first AI Consumer Layer powered by EigenDA and Optimism. AltLayer has securely deployed the testnet for MyShell Layer2, facilitating their goal to make blockchain frictionless for 1.2M web3+ AI users.

B² Network: B² Network is one of the first Bitcoin Layer 2 and data availability solutions. AltLayer is supporting B² Network with the launch of their first Bitcoin rollup’s mainnet, and has also helped develop the B² Hub, enhancing the network’s transaction speeds and application diversity without compromising security. The most updated list of our clients can be found on our website.

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