AltLayer's RaaS Offering

AltLayer's RaaS product consists of three core offerings:

  1. Restaked Rollups: AltLayer provides a set of three vertically integrated Actively Validated Services aka AVSes created on-demand for a given rollup. These AVSes in conjunction offer three key services for app rollups namely decentralized sequencing, verification of rollup’s state correctness, and faster finality which in turn helps with decentralization of rollups, better security, and interoperability across rollups while leveraging Ethereum’s trust network via restaking. Restaked rollups are designed with three modular components called:

    • Vital (AVS for decentralized verification of rollup’s state)

    • Mach (AVS for fast finality)

    • Squad (AVS for decentralized sequencing)

  2. Versatile Rollup Stack: AltLayer supports all major rollup stacks, data availability layers, settlement layers, decentralized sequencer sets and interoperability bridges. Our key RaaS partners include Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon, zkSync, EigenLayer, Celestia and Hyperlane. This allows AltLayer to offer a wide variety of modular rollup solutions that developers can readily swap in and out of.

  3. No-code Dashboard: AltLayer comes with a no-code dashboard that allows not only developers but also those with little to no coding experience to spin up a customized execution layer within 5 mins through a few simple clicks. The customization offered by the dashboard includes network-level parameters such as number of sequencers; chain-level parameters such block gas limit, gas token, contract size; middleware solutions such as bridges and rpc-providers among others.

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