Dark Forest Community Round for Jump Crypto's Pit Event

A second community round for AltLayer-powered Dark Forest was launched as a part of Jump Crypto x Polygon’s “The PIT Community” initiative, from 4th Feb till 5th Feb. The game was hosted on a disposable flash layer.

Over a mere day, this round welcomed 800+ players from over 50 countries. The total number of in-game transactions recorded were 132,194. The highest score from a single player was 668,800,000.

Mini-games like this community round of Dark Forest — which run for a specific window of time — greatly benefit from a dedicated game layer for a short burst of time, given they create huge spikes in transaction volume when they’re running. Post-game, after the layer is disposed off, the in-game assets settle back onto the underlying chain after one which could also trade them on marketplaces like OpenSea.

If you’d like to learn more about different types of games (Mini games, indie games, AAA) and the kind of solutions they’d benefit from, definitely read this piece.

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