Dark Forest Community Round

During Sep 9-11, 2022, we hosted a community round of Dark Forest -- a popular fully on-chain MMO space-oriented game that makes use of zkSNARKs (a privacy-enhancing cryptographic primitive).

The community round welcomed 300+ players, around 100 of whom were able to strategise, stay the course and gather up great scores. The highest scorer recorded 747,777,777. The highest number of transactions from a single player was 15,324 while the total game transactions over the two-day period was 189,723.

Post-Event Analysis

Altlayer’s scalability solution in the form of game-dedicated execution layers offers incredible value — it is user and cost-friendly, and is able to process large transaction volumes without any network congestion. This Dark Forest community round captured our value proposition perfectly. The game-layer alone seamlessly handled over 94K transactions per day; txns equivalent to approx 60% of txns on all Arbitrum dApps, and over 90% of all txns on Optimism (at that time).

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