As a part of the restaked rollup framework, AltLayer is facilitating the launch of several fast finality Actively Validated Services (AVSes) called MACH for different rollups. As a fast finality AVS, MACH offers the following core services to end users on these rollups:

  1. Fast confirmation for rollup transactions,

  2. Crypto-economic security to detect any malicious network participants,

  3. Decentralized validation of rollup states.

MACH operates by validating rollup blocks and ensures that blocks are valid wrt the rollup's state transition function. When an invalid block is detected, MACH operators will raise an alert, if enough operators agree on the alert, then it can be pushed upstream to dApps. dApps that subscribe to MACH's services upon receving the alert can act upon it to ensure that invalid state is rejected.

How to use MACH's Services

MACH services to end users will come in the form of an RPC endpoint that reports if a certain rollup block is considered final. This RPC endpoint can be integrated into any dApp on the rollup and would allow for faster and reliable confirmation. By tapping into the economic guarantees provided by MACH, dApps can safely update the contract state in the UIs and frontends allowing them to offer a better and reliable UX.

MACH will also be helpful for exchanges, bridges, light-weight explorers and other ancillary services that need streamed access to rollup states and blocks to provide their product and services. By tapping into MACH, these providers can offer a faster service to the end users. For example, an exchange may not need to wait too long to allow a customer to withdraw their assets on OP Mainnet or Arbitrum One.

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