Delegating reALT

To delegate your reALT tokens to Vaults, follow the steps described below.

Step 1: To delegate the token, click on the “Vaults” tab. You will find Vaults Launchpool that are you can delegate your reALT to.

Step 2: Select a Vault, then click on the "Delegate" button. Confirm the transaction in your wallet and you will have successfully delegate your reALT to that particular Vault LaunchPool.

Do note that Delegate is an all-or-nothing action. You will not be able to choose the amount of reALT that you wish to delegate to a Vault LaunchPool. Also, do note that you may delegate your reALT to multiple Vault LaunchPools at once. There is no limit to how many Vault LaunchPools that you may wish to delegate to at the same time.

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