Ottie 2048

2048 is a widely popular puzzle game that challenges players to merge tiles of identical numbers in order to achieve a single tile with the coveted number 2048.

In Ottie 2048, we’ve re-engineered the game by transforming each individual move within “2048” into an on-chain action on AltLayer Turbo, bringing this engaging gaming experience into the realm of decentralized applications. And to make the game cuter, Ottie 2048 features our loving “Oh Ottie!

Ottie 2048 leverages AltLayer Turbo framework to bring the best experience to Autonomous Worlds.

Speed: For a fast-paced game like Ottie 2048, swift response time is vital as to provide instant feedback to the players. Turbo’s near-instant confirmation time combined with dynamic block production rate helps to achieve this objective.

Frictionless: Crypto wallets and gas mechanics are typically designed for general-purpose transactions but can introduce several user challenges. Users are required to: 1) Incur gas fees when conducting transactions 2) Monitor real-time gas prices, which can be complex and fluctuate and 3) Navigate through non-intuitive wallet user interfaces. Turbo addresses these challenges through innovative solutions such as 0 gas price rollup and an in-game burner wallet. With the in-game burner wallet, users can effortlessly generate a temporary Externally Owned Account (EOA) on the fly within the game and employ it for on-chain transactions. Additionally, using an in-game burner wallet with a 0 gas rollup eliminates the need to fund the wallet with gas tokens. With these innovations, players can focus on playing the game rather than handling wallet user inference.

Scale: Traditional games, like MMORPGs, often utilize horizontal scaling to accommodate more users, enabling them to scale to millions of players. In contrast, monolithic blockchains are not inherently designed for such purposes and are sub-optimal when it comes to scaling. Achieving support for millions of players is typically challenging within this framework. Turbo introduces a solution by enabling on-demand horizontal scaling across different geographical regions. Ottie 2048 will be deployed on rollups distributed across three continents: Asia, Europe, and North America. This allows the players to select the nearest regional rollup with the fewest users, thereby providing a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience.

AltLayer Altitude Phase IV

Ottie 2048 will make its debut as part of AltLayer Altitude Phase IV.

To participate, follow the steps and fulfill all requirements on our AltLayer Altitude Phase 4 Galxe Campaign.

Altitude Phase IV requirements

You must score at least 2,000 points and complete the other social quest to qualify for our Altitude Phase IV campaign. Check out the Altitude Phase IV Galxe campaign for more details.

Ottie 2048 Tournament

Want to take on additional challenge? We are giving Ottie and Galxe points.

  • 1 Ottie will be awarded to the player with the highest score

  • 1 Ottie will be awarded to a random player in the top 100

  • Top 100 players can earn additional 100 Galxe points

Check out the ranking board at

Note: To be eligible, you must complete the primary Ottie 2048 quest on Galxe.

Ottie 2048 tutorial

Visit to access Ottie 2048.

For mobile users, please use the in-app browser provided by Metamask

Connect your wallet. You will be prompted to switch or add a new network - Zero Altitude Registry. This chain will be used for registration purposes. Proceed to approve adding the network.

Click on the “Sign Up” button.

By signing up, an in-game (burner) wallet will be associated with your regular wallet for tracking purposes. Ottie 2048 will use this burner wallet to play the game.The burner wallet will enable a smooth gameplay experience and require no transactions from your regular wallet.

Please note the burner wallet should only be used for Ottie 2048 and no other purposes.

Click "Sign" to link your burner wallet with your regular wallet.

Linking your burner wallet to your regular wallet is only for Ottie 2048. We used a smart contract to track this linkage

After signing up, you will enter the game's lobby, where you can choose your preferred region and node to start playing.

To enable the best in-game experience, we recommend using a game server closest to your location.

We offer three regions: Asia, Europe and the US. Each region will consist of multiple game servers. Each game server is set to have up to 200 players.

Click the “Start” button to start playing the game.

Play by merging tiles with identical numbers, creating a new tile with the sum of the numbers on the two merged tiles.

To move the tiles, swipe or use your arrow keys to move the tiles. Every move will send an-chain transaction and cost zero gas fees, a unique feature provided by AltLayer Turbo.

Points are added every time tiles are merged, and the calculation is based on the number of tiles after being merged. For example, if tiles 4 + 4 are merged, 8 points are added to the score. Challenge yourself to climb to the top of the leaderboards.

If you love Ottie 2048, give us a shoutout by sharing it over Twitter! You can do this by clicking the Twitter icon.

Have fun playing Ottie 2048, a fully on-chain game, powered by AltLayer Turbo.

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