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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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    Where can I get the test token?
Refer to Testnet Tokens for more information
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    Why can't I bridge the NFT?
If you can’t bridge NFT as it displays “You don’t own MSNFT” even though you already minted MSNFT, please make sure that you enter the Token ID of the NFT you hold, not the amount.
To identify which token ID, you can either use the NFT selector or refer to FAQ question3.
  1. 3.
    How to identify which NFT I own?
One way to find out which MSNFT token ID you own is to check it out on Sepolia Etherscan.
Next, Click on the search icon and input your wallet address.
You will see a list of token IDs you own
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    Why can't I claim Galxe OAT?
If you already finished all the tasks, please wait for the team to update the eligible wallet address manually. It will be updated once a week, so please patiently wait. We will surely update everyone again when we update the eligible wallet address.
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    How do I retrieve back past transactions?
Go to rollup bridge. Click on "View recent transactions"
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    I cannot find my transaction in recent history. How do I retrieve back my transaction?
Past transaction history are stored in your browser's local storage. Some of the common reasons that your transaction may not show up are
  • Switching to another device
  • Using another browser session or private browsing
  • Browser local storage was deleted
Don't worry. You can import it back. Go to "View recent transactions" and select "Import transaction"
Select the type of transaction, deposit or withdrawal. Input your transaction hashand click the search button.
You will see a summary of your transaction. Click the "Import" button.
You can now view your transaction on "recent transaction"
If you have an uncompleted transaction, click the "view" button under the status column and you can resume your transaction. This is very useful for withdrawals back to Sepolia.
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    I am using wallet connect and facing connectivity issues
Wallet connect users will need to manually add the blockchain network into their wallet. To get the network configurations, refer to