Beacon Layer Staking


Visit Beacon Layer staking site at and connect your wallet to the site. You will be prompted to add a new network - “Beacon Testnet”. Please approve adding the network and afterward switch the network to Beacon Testnet. If you wish to manually add the Beacon Testnet network, you can refer to the network information provided at the network information page.
Before getting started, please make sure that you have ALT testnet tokens. Refer to the testnet tokens page on how to get ALT test tokens.
After entering the Beacon Staking site, you’ll see the information of all the Beacon Validators.
Click the “Manage delegations” button and enter the staking dashboard to delegate ALT token to preferred validators.
Select a preferred validator from the dropdown list and input the amount of ALT token you wish to delegate along with the auto-compounded reward percentage.
Note that the minimal amount for staking is 1 ALT token and each node can only have a maximum of 2050 delegators.
Click the "Delegate" button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.
After the transaction is confirmed, the delegation's details will take a few seconds to show up.
You can customize the auto-compounded reward percentage, increase/decrease stake and revoke the delegation from the “Delegations” tab.

Revoke delegation (Withdraw all stake tokens)

After delegating, if you prefer to revoke the delegation, click the far right button under “Quick Actions”. Then, click the “confirm” button and confirm the transaction on your wallet.
Please note that you need to wait for the next 2 rounds and it will have to be manually executed.
After completing two rounds, click on ✓ sign and confirm the transaction on your wallet to complete revoking delegation.