Discovery (Orbit EigenDA) Testnet


Discovery is an Arbitrum Orbit public testnet that uses EigenDA as its data availability layer.

With Discovery, L2 transaction data are written to EigenDA. The resulting EigenDA blob key is then written to Ethereum calldata. By doing so, the cost of the calldata becomes relatively negligible, even when the actual blob data is megabytes in size. The sequencer will then be able to retrieve the blob keys from the calldata and then retrieve the blob from EigenDA.

To learn more about Orbit EigenDA, please refer to EigenLayer's Orbit Integration article.

Discovery Testnet info


Network Name


Chain ID


Currency Symbol


Settlement Layer

Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet

Rollup Info Page


Public RPC URL


Short Guide

  1. To start using the network, you can add the network to your wallet by visiting the Rollup Info Page.

  2. To bridge your Sepolia Testnet ETH to Discovery Testnet, you can do so by the steps below. Visit the Arbitrum bridge interface and "Turn on Testnet Mode" by changing the "Settings".

  3. Once the Testnet Mode is turned on, you can copy the Discovery Testnet Orbit Chain info as shown below and "Add Testnet Orbit Chain".

  "chainInfo": {
    "minL2BaseFee": 100000000,
    "networkFeeReceiver": "0x66530799037b46913e52e9e0144D15ab6ed954f5",
    "infrastructureFeeCollector": "0x66530799037b46913e52e9e0144D15ab6ed954f5",
    "batchPoster": "0x7d4BF434C1342321032134a58d23E98EAc22CC17",
    "staker": "0x3e9a42CbF0B6c15c1BfF28879E864beC3a4c261f",
    "chainOwner": "0x66530799037b46913e52e9e0144D15ab6ed954f5",
    "chainName": "Discovery",
    "chainId": 183940,
    "parentChainId": 421614,
    "rpcUrl": "",
    "explorerUrl": "",
    "nativeToken": "0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000"
  "coreContracts": {
    "rollup": "0x91aF691c673Aa1A17F21184a2e9a12b4A79Ad6Ad",
    "inbox": "0x75cea27F438bD8feFC3cAB4A3828eF1448df50ef",
    "outbox": "0xFC8ae44F27141E35587e6779A78996Da2a2Bf68a",
    "adminProxy": "0x099260663bf88217542828d93f3230B77A063553",
    "sequencerInbox": "0x28688B47599E629B0DdFcF3caa470664e6aa5411",
    "bridge": "0x58Ed78aAA277FC049316EDFaE752d331C7055745",
    "utils": "0xB11EB62DD2B352886A4530A9106fE427844D515f",
    "validatorWalletCreator": "0xEb9885B6c0e117D339F47585cC06a2765AaE2E0b"
  "tokenBridgeContracts": {
    "l2Contracts": {
      "customGateway": "0x4D8886F6821B6A3Ce406dE060528E4740716ccC5",
      "multicall": "0xce1CAd780c529e66e3aa6D952a1ED9A6447791c1",
      "proxyAdmin": "0x099260663bf88217542828d93f3230B77A063553",
      "router": "0xe77FC7239E4bd6C3955567Cd2125fcAC224d7DcD",
      "standardGateway": "0x856A11daFE1EEC4313cFa4aFc80dE18Da831a4ff",
      "weth": "0x980B62Da83eFf3D4576C647993b0c1D7faf17c73",
      "wethGateway": "0x2eD227c1a87A5D840BAdE89Da2106599E753f463"
    "l3Contracts": {
      "customGateway": "0x4a1cC3604ba15a3052a58404c8BEf9F1a1A316B9",
      "multicall": "0x191E4e165826720fD775de35295B9C1B3FE8725f",
      "proxyAdmin": "0xa154Bc924788a895dAED565FCD92f5bF51dA51b6",
      "router": "0x903c726bFD645CC983c81ec2665e3Cadfe7fB53f",
      "standardGateway": "0xCc00702898518587Cb8073B92984Ee1ae018a6Af",
      "weth": "0x3D89912bBF51CECbA181E7F8DB40706A1299962e",
      "wethGateway": "0x78B7Be858bC7906e60ef64Fd3383b5175Fbac9dF"
  1. Next, start bridging your Sepolia Testnet ETH to Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet. It will take ~1min for the deposit to arrive on Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet.

You can obtain Sepolia Testnet ETH from public faucets like or

  1. Last but not least, bridge your Arbitrum Sepolia Testnet ETH to Discovery Testnet. It will take ~1min for the deposit to arrive on Discovery Testnet. After which, you can using your Discovery Testnet ETH on the network.

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