Verification Layer

As presented earlier, one of the core responsibilities of the Beacon Layer is to play the role of the orchestration layer to assign sequencers to a rollup. There is another responsibility of the Beacon Layer and that is to help secure the rollups themselves.
Beacon layer acts as an enshrined verification layer for all rollups launched via AltLayer. As the Beacon Layer is aware of all the rollups and their respective state transition functions, it has the full ability to validate a newly committed rollup state. To this end, Beacon Layer consists of a network of validators that verify all new states proposed across all the rollups periodically. Unlike the pre-confirmation offered by a rollup sequencer, the confirmation provided by the Beacon Layer is much stronger than usual as this allows assets to be instantly withdrawn.
In this state, the process in AltLayer is very similar to any existing rollup. The only difference is that in case of a successful challenge, AltLayer is able to slash different nodes in the supply chain starting from the sequencers, to the validators in the Beacon Layer that verify proof of validity.