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Phase IV Overview and Resources


Following the huge success of the past 3 phases of AltLayer Altitude, we are happy to announce the finale of the Altitude campaign named Altitude Phase IV: Autonomous Worlds.
For this finale, we are welcoming the community to try out several fully on-chain games that are built on top of AltLayer’s newly released Turbo framework for Autonomous Worlds. Turbo is a modular rollup stack optimised for Autonomous Worlds and includes features to facilitate building a scalable, low latency and seamless immersive experience for its inhabitants.
Features of Turbo include: ✨ Near-instant confirmation time [improved latency] ✨ Dynamic block production rate [better efficiency] ✨ Zero-Gas [without Account Abstraction] ✨ Horizontal Scaling [operate at scale] ✨ Burner wallet management system [seamless user experience] ✨ Verifiable Random Number Generator [dependable and verifiable source of randomness]
To serve 1 million users to play online at the same time, we’ve leveraged Turbo to elastically spin off nearly 100 rollups to scale the games. We will be featuring 3 captivating games — Ottie 2048, Cellula and Loot Royale. Ottie 2048 is an in-house creation by AltLayer, while the other two have been developed by talented developers from the AltLayer ecosystem.